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A Year After Kellie-Jay: Michelle Uriarau, co-founder of MWK & Women's Action Group Australia, spoke out again at Melbourne Parliament.

Today is the 25th of March, one year to the day of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull's visit to Albert Park, New Zealand, and a few days after her visit to Melbourne, where she was promptly labelled a Neo-Nazi supporter (she isn't).

Our co-founders, Michelle Uriarau and Dianne Landy, and our secretary Sarah Henderson, were on the organising committee for the event, representing MWK as one half of the core organising team with a second group as well. Our shock and horror on the day has been well-documented, and we are thinking of everyone who was hurt today.

Two days ago, Michelle & the other Australian Organisation she also co-founded, Women's Action Group, came back to the steps of Melbourne Parliament to speak again. For Michelle, it was just over a year after speaking at Kellie-Jay's 'Let Women Speak' event there in Melbourne, which event sparked hysteria in thousands and thousands of New Zealanders, who decided they would show that woman what they stood for.

Thousands of them showed up to tell her (and us) how much they hate her, hundreds of them tried to kill her and stormed their countrywomen with weapons, and showed her exactly who they were, and she'll probably never come back here now. We don't blame her, and we grieve for the fact that she may never see our good side and our beautiful country.

Michelle Uriarai speaks the truth at Kellie-Jay 2023
Michelle Uriarau at KJK Let Women Speak Melbourne 2023

On Saturday, Michelle and Women's Action Group told everyone (again) how dangerous the current insane ideas about gender and race really are, and openly stated their defiance to the powerful corporations, politicians, eugenicists and academics everywhere trying to wipe out women from language (as though we don't exist) and practice genital mutilation surgeries on our children. #WomenWILLSpeak.

The Trans Rights Activists, (TRAs in Terf-ese) and their zombified Woke friends also came back, to try and stop anyone hearing wāhine and māmā talking about their behaviour and their ideas and their attacks on our tamariki.

They acted per usual as though they've got word rabies - "You Must Not Speak Your Words Or We Will Kill You - Speak Our Words Or You Will Die" - creating a tremendous din with their drums and whistles and horns and screaming etcetera. They're so deranged that at least one fight broke out amongst themselves.

Arrests were made and many TRAs attacked Melbourne Police, who did an incredible job, arriving prepared, calm, responsible, and determined to keep the peace, which they achieved.

We offer our thanks and gratitude from all of us at Mana Wāhine Kōrero to the Melbourne Police, for maintaining public order and ensuring that citizens - in this case our treasured friend and co-founder Michelle and the women of WAG Australia are still (just) able to speak their minds freely in public - as remains the law of the land in our two beautiful sister nations.

Several TRAs tried to terrify and abuse the police horses - truly, for some of these people, there is no low to which they will not sink, and they've tried this on the police horses before - we assume to try and unseat the rider (and then what?!).

However, Melbourne Mounted Police Horses are absolutely amazing; their riders and grooms and trainers do a inspiring job. Those four horses all deserve praise and all the carrots they can eat and a round for everyone who takes care of them. We can see they carefully chose their best.

We hope they are taking some heart in the video of a TRA dressed in the now-standard "I'm a crazy person" outfit as though the costuming departments for Scream, Highlander, and My Little Pony had fought over his wardrobe, frantically working his right arm to death beating his cymbal, a mere foot from one of their fabulous horses' faces - but she or he (from the two available mammalian options) is barely even interested.

One can almost hear her thinking: "Um...very nice...well done, that's a very big noise...Okay, we're still doing standing and waiting, righto. I'll watch this guy, he's okay I guess, no great military marching talent though".

There's some small pleasure to be had in knowing that that revolting animal-abusing man will likely have quite a sore arm after such a committed effort, but that this wonderful war horse had an interesting (if unchallenging) afternoon, on this occasion at least.

Mana Wāhine Kōrero hope this continues to be the case for all the police horses and commend the Melbourne police force for their obvious care for their animal teammates in keeping the peace. Women, children, our elderly and animals - healthy societies, organisations, or ideologies care both about, and for us.

The WAG #WomenWillSpeak event was a huge success, with at least 40 women, and it's thought more were turned away for their safety by police, arriving to speak and listen, showing incredible courage in the face of expected rage, violence, and contagious social delusion.

It is not far from the truth now, to say that some women who speak out, in many Western countries, could be called political dissidents. That is not a merely 'activism', but something much more serious. It happens when societies begin to break down and leadership has become corrupted; the brightest minds, deepest thinkers and bravest hearts among both women and men, also begin to gather together, under attack in every sphere, to dissent - and if the dissent becomes louder and louder, and still goes unheard, history warns us, everywhere one looks, nation-crushing events can and do follow.

There was one saddening and infuriating blemish on Michelle's success, and that was that some women's organisations in Australia (with their own international connections) felt that Michelle's decision to accept the free and unasked-for offer of a more powerful PA system, knowing her own would never allow women to be heard over the noise ordinance violations coming from the TRAs, was simply beyond the pale, because the offerer had some sort of connection they didn't like. They would have preferred that Michelle cancel, on the spot, for want of a PA system, these armchair umpires who watched the event on YouTube (or parts of it) and thought they knew everything.

'For want of a nail the shoe was lost

For want of a shoe the horse was lost

For want of a horse the battle was lost

For want of the battle, the war'.

Rumours spread online that the co-founder of the only native anti-gender ideology group in the world had invited Neo-Nazi men to speak at her event, smearing the reputation of Michelle, Women's Action Group, Mana Wāhine Kōrero and the #WomenWillSpeak event, tarnishing months of preparation and re-igniting the FALSE accusations of Neo-Nazi associations with women's rights across the board, and offering a deep insult all at once.

NO member of Mana Wāhine Kōrero or Women's Action Group is remotely interested in hearing from Neo-Nazis and we unequivocally denounce their creed. We do not want to repeat this; we have said it now many times. We also think it unlikely that a Neo-Nazi would be offering to help the women speak, and if one of these came up with a cunning plan to win over and infiltrate our groups from within, they would soon realise they were barking up the wrong tree entirely.

But apart from that disappointing clique of short-sighted purists who didn't organise an event at Melbourne Parliament steps but know so much about what other women should do - apart from them, our Michelle, and the women of WAG Australia, the Melbourne Police, and the women's supporters- all made sure that free speech prevailed, #WomenDIDSpeak, and they were amazing.

Two very brave detransitioners were present at this event. To them both, Mana Wāhine Kōrero say Mauriora and thank you. It is hard to find detransitioners to speak up in such a public way - and how they spoke.

Instead of focusing on these brilliant speeches from these young survivors, some women are eagerly seizing a chance to not do anything productive, and continue to bleat and babble about imaginary Neo-Nazi invitations.

This is not sisterhood, nor is it feminism, no matter what they call themselves. Detransistioners belong with women who will care for and nurture them as the women they are. We need to welcome these women back into the Sisterhood with open arms and hearts and at least with listening ears. The only upside of all this arrogance and sanctimony (among other distasteful qualities) is that at least detransitioners know where not to go for support.

Click below to hear Michelle and Women's Action Group and what they've got to say.

Tiakina te mauri o te wāhine

Tiakina te mauri o te whare tangata

Tiakina te mauri o ngā tamariki mea ngā mokopuna

Tīhei, Mauri Ora!

Mana Wāhine Kōrero, 25th March, 2024

One year to the day from the violence perpetrated on New Zealand women and Kellie-Jay Keen here in Auckland, led by a hostile State and Media.

Your pounamu is on the way Kellie-Jay, we hope it brings you back.

To our Sister Michelle - Kia kaha e hoa, aroha matou ki a koe xxxx


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