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The Mayor, the Ministers, the Media and Māori

“Ka rongo i te ia o te aroha, he ngākau māhaki” (To feel genuine intentions is to understand a charitable heart). 

2024 has started with a bang for a couple of Māori Wāhine. 

Two wāhine on average wages with no special power are being publicly subjected to intense online bullying, including character assassinations, online pile-ons, real-world harassment, police, and wild accusations. It is a relentless bullying campaign and some people have told one of these brave wāhine to kill herself. 

What crimes have they committed? 

They believe sex is real and that humans can’t change sex, and they have had the gall to say this in public. #TeamBiology 

The mainstream media, who publish puff pieces about how to get rich being an influencer selling rubbish on social media, and how poor mental health can make Members of Parliament turn into shoplifters, and go on and on and on ad nauseam about racism, are now attacking and vilifying and misrepresenting a disabled wahine Māori grandmother and an actual influencer, also Māori, who gets paid $0 – zero dollars – for her online mental health advocacy. 

Both women are now needing to engage legal assistance and advice. 

The online bullies I am referring to appear to be a group of young men and their allies. These people believe that it is physically harmful and dangerous for some people to hear the truth – that men are not women – but these words are not violence. 

The tangible and ongoing public attack on women for saying the truth and protecting our children is the actual violence and intimidation. 

These two women, one Mama and a Kuia, have endured a mix of the following: 

  • Interactions with NZ Police; both women have tried to alert Police about what is happening to them. One was told there’s nothing to see here and was issued with a trespass order banning her from her local supermarket for two years. 

  • The other has had to stop her real-world charity work because the organisers of the event were getting inundated with hateful messages and it was scaring them. The Police aren’t apparently interested. The second charity she volunteers for has also been sent complaints and horrible messages about her being a bad person because she believes in biology. 

  • Their personal contacts, work colleagues, friends, acquaintances and families have been identified and slander and accusations directed at whānau and Hapū. 

  • Women and media who have supported them publicly have been hacked, impersonated by scammers and accused of grift

  • One of these wāhine and her whanau have been called ‘nutters’ by Sean Plunket!

One just needs to go and watch the KJK visit in March 2023 to witness the level of hostility and actual real physical violence. These Trans Rights Activists have done this in a relentless manner. 

I recall a time in NZ when the roles of Kuia and Whaea were roles that were well-respected. 

When our matriarchs spent their lives committed to Whanau, Hapu and Iwi, and walked the hard walks at great cost to themselves. 

They are afforded this mantle and it is not given lightly. We never would have back-chatted our Nans and Whaea, let alone attacked them verbally and physically. Yet these days it seems to be acceptable to openly set a hostile group of fully inflamed Alphabet Activists upon them. 

“Oi have you seen Nan’s latest? Let’s get onto the Hapū to stop her support!” 

Men who dwell in their parents’ basements wearing their sister’s knickers, filled with misogynistic rage at these Māori Wāhine daring to speak against the theft and revision of our culture, intent upon harmful Western ideas about sex and gender to our tamariki. Pakeha men schooling Māori Wāhine. The keyboard warriors are out in force.

I am talking of course about Ōtaki New World, my sister Phillippa and the very cool Aunty Heihei. For anyone who doesn’t know her: Corina Shields, aka Aunty Heihei, is wahine and Mama who has held many events and public campaigns to raise money for charity. 

She makes videos and has open discussions online about issues that nobody wants to talk about, to try and get people to engage. She flew to Wellington at her own cost to support the Mana Wāhine Kōrero Voices for Children rally in Pōneke. She raised prizes for a raffle while shaving her head for the Mental Health Charity ‘I Am Hope’. Shaving one’s hair for charity is a perfect example of the selflessness of this Wahine.

What is wrong with these people to hound a woman’s work with charities? Let me repeat that. Work for charity. 

All this is happening with a backdrop of rich elitist Wāhine in government being given a pass and lame excuses proffered up daily. 

Did you hear the one about the elitists? The shoplifter, the truant, and the absconding arrestee? 

One elitist is a Māori wahine self-identified alcoholic who forced Wellington women to hire a lawyer so they could speak in public and said that they weren’t welcome in her city. She barely turned up for work, didn’t do meetings and wanted Wellington City Council to be her free doggy daycare. 

She’s the Mayor of Wellington  – our capital city – the one that has run dry of water in the middle of summer after about two years of non-stop rain, because the neglected pipes finally gave out. 

The next elitist on the list is a wahine Māori drunk-driving bully who smashed into a parked car and ran away from Police while she was the Justice Minister, no less. Three weeks after citing mental health failures and resigning after trying to flee the scene of her crime, she started a lobbying business. I guess she was feeling better. 

They both cited ‘mental health’ as the reason for their bad behaviour. 

The Mayor is still employed and our media continue to try and convince us that the WCC is still dignified and that they’re quite sure they don’t need a truancy officer to go and get the Mayor every morning, printing ‘No need for concern, she’s getting exercise now’ pieces about her gym attendance, rather than her mishandling of Wellington City Council. 

Last but not least, we have a former Green Party member and warmly welcomed and naturalised NZ citizen, who is an openly antisemitic thief, repeatedly nicking designer clothes and handbags from small boutiques and attending “From the River to the Sea” fanatical demonstrations. She also held the Justice portfolio for the Green Party, and was one of three signatories of an unhinged letter to the Minister of Immigration about Kellie-Jay Keen entering New Zealand, and Kiwi women speaking for a couple of hours in Civic Square about our legal rights. 

That letter read like this:

“Dear Minister of Immigration Michael Wood (himself since disgraced for dodgy financial behaviour), 

ANTI-TRANS!!! HATE!!! Fear!! Racists!! NAZIS! Violence!! Man the Borders!! 


Three Green Propagandists. 

(Kerekere out for bullying her own party members, Ghahraman down for stealing from shops, only Menendez-March to fall – what will he be caught doing?)

Why are these three wealthy and powerful women being given a pass for their appalling behaviour? They are being supported to excuse themselves as poor weaklings and victims of citizens’ so-called mean words (truthful statements and opinions). 

They just couldn’t help it. The stress of the job. It’s because I’m brown. 

There was a time when if you couldn’t do your job, you resigned and found another job you could do.

There was a time when being Maori meant being strong, and beating the racism and advancing what was good for our people on behalf of those who couldn’t, not wallowing in it and stealing from our people and running off committing crimes and crying about needing a support dog. 

We showed the lie of racist thoughts and deeds with our Mana, we proved the racists wrong! And now this?! 

Stress my arse. The women working in their communities against Gender Ideology are stressed. They do thousands of hours of work gratis. 

Not with an over-inflated salary; they design t-shirts to help the cause, although their shops get hounded and shut down with monotonous regularity too. 

We get doxxed and attacked in public for speaking against men in women’s spaces and sports. We get spat on, our personal property vandalised, screamed at and shut down for our efforts to get the truth of the matter out there for public scrutiny. 

What women are facing is actually dangerous and harmful. Women all over the globe are being physically attacked and injured, losing work and livelihoods. Being forced to be quiet or be the next targeted victim from the loons on the left. 

Regarding my sister Phillippa. She is a woman trespassed for wearing a t-shirt a transvestite didn’t like. He cried and wailed loudly, arms waving, involving other staff and humiliating Phillippa in public. His aim was to force this woman to be kicked out of her local supermarket and garner misplaced sympathy. 

This is an essential service we are talking about. Sean Plunket minimised the reality of the situation at the same time he gave the common thief referenced above continual support, and misinformed the public about that shoplifter’s presence supporting the mob she incited against women at Albert Park.   

He said, after repeatedly letting all his listeners know that he’d really rather talk about almost anything else, that: “This is just a case of two people who don’t know how to disagree”. 

Well, I disagree with Mr. ‘I Couldn’t Care Less’ Plunket. 

My sister, who isn’t wealthy or powerful, has in fact only been accused of having made comments more than once, on her opinion that men can’t be women, in the supermarket to staff, that they consider ‘inappropriate’. They haven’t even provided a single example of what she is supposed to have said. 

The t-shirt, according to New World, and her objection to being told off and treated badly for it as a customer, was the final straw, and she was accused of abuse and reported to the Police. 

Not only does Phillippa dispute that she ever made any comments (although I and my other sister Rex may well have done, we say it everywhere) but everybody needs to pay attention because our food is controlled by a corporate duopoly that now has the power to restrict access to food to anyone whose opinion they don’t like. Phillippa has civil rights – we all do, and New World has breached hers. 

At the moment, they don’t like people who state or wear biological facts. Anyone that doesn’t agree with the mantras of the modern-day woke mind-virus. 

Will it be you next? Control the food and you control the people. 

Words are not violence. But they do have enormous power. If you say the wrong words, a time is potentially foreseeable when they won’t let you eat, and make no mistake, the most valuable commodity on Earth is food, not gold.

A very small group of people own our food, and we work to buy it. Now they’re saying that not only do we work to buy it, we also have to behave exactly the way they want, wear what they want, and say what they want or not speak at all, or they’ll call the cops, and the cops will come and they will trespass you. 

This is all happening at the same time women are being rebranded as bonus holes, cervix-havers, etc, so the transvestites don’t get upset that they are not us and can never be us. 

Simultaneously the midwives are being directed and forced to use the language of the cult so as not to offend ideologically captured people, using Te Reo to do it. 


We are in a situation where Māori Wāhine are being vilified and attacked for their peaceful protests. Effectively, hauled away to be placed in the corner never to be seen and definitely not heard from again.

Meanwhile the wrongdoers are feted by the government and the media. I grew up knowing peaceful protest was in New Zealanders’ veins. We have a strong history of protesting actual meaningful wrongs, not protesting slights (that are actually just truthful speaking) – but these brainwashed cult members insist that plain-speaking is causing a genocide against them. 

Is now a good time to mention that 89,000 women were murdered globally last year vs 321 men who said they were women? Who is at most risk, again? And while nobody thinks prostitutes should be murdered, lots of those men were prostituting themselves when they were murdered – many of them in Brazil. A Brazilian problem, maybe?

According to our media and the elite Māori who like performing pantomime in Parliament, they are the ones slighted and wounded and face relentless hounding racism. They are the ones subjected to continual racial slurs and are at danger. 

Again, I disagree. When will these elite Māori activists address the dead Māori children? Whose lives were ended by violence? When? 

Racism is alive and well in NZ, but it isn’t the examples our media and academics insist upon trotting out. 

What these two wahine Maori are now facing daily is the real face of the casual living racism in NZ.

In regards to gender ideology and a funny t-shirt, Plato was right. The worst kind of injustice IS pretended justice. 

Now it’s happening right here, right now, 2000 years later on our Whenua, to our Kuia and our Whanau and Hapū and Iwi and our Tamariki. I say “No”. No more fake justice for my people. 

Whether you agree with biology or not (silly not to) is not the only issue here. The issue is that all meaningful dialogue is being hijacked by ideologues, academics and steered in one direction by the media, and anyone who speaks out is being punished, now with food restrictions. 

As one of our members has observed, what is happening to Phillippa and Corina is not a storm in a teacup. They are canaries in the coal mine.

Dianne Landy.


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