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Grieving for my Culture

Dianne Landy, 8th of May, 2022

I'm sat here, wondering where and how did it all go so wrong, so fast? Children are being sterilised at an alarming rate globally. No one is safe from this Trans Juggernaut. 

Native people of standing in the community have swallowed this cult’s dogma entirely. They know they are lying, and we know they are lying, so where to from here?

I truly don't know.

Sacred rituals and practices are being changed and twisted to accommodate this madness. As an example, there are three things that can open the veil between our worlds: Women, Karanga, and our musical instruments. Only women can Karanga. Yet now we have men demanding this right. We have Kaumātua and Kuia going along with it. 

What happens when protocol or tapu is broken? Was it all a lie to begin with? Can anyone open the veil now? Do we not have Te Awa Atua, the river of blood, the river of our ancestors, anymore?

In my understanding, Māori rituals are tied into knowing what, where, who, and why. Tied into the wairua of both worlds – physical and spiritual. Where has this all gone? Now anyone can stand anywhere by telling lies. By playing wilful pretend. We all know our Nannies, our Kuia and Koro cannot be each other. So why the ruination of the culture for less than 0.06% of people? 

Victims are getting younger. Governments are mass-funding the sterilisation of children. Sanctions on women are getting tougher, where the process is the punishment.

I'm sat here, grieving for all the Māori whānau brainwashed by this cult. We did not sterilise each other. We did not mutilate each other. We accepted and accommodated our difference and made the best of it against a backdrop of colonial deprivation. Now, the Colonial Powers have returned in force, colonising my culture for perverts and fetishists, who are primarily privileged pākehā men. 

How many whānau will destroy their Whakapapa, their genealogy, by believing this dogma?

How many? 

One is too many in my mind, yet to the Trans activists, a thousand isn't enough.

I ask myself again, where to from here? From where I'm sat, it is nowhere good.

Di Landy, Co-Founder Mana Wāhine Kōrero

Republished from Substack.


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