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About Mana Wāhine Kōrero

Mana Wāhine Kōrero is a national and international Rōpū of Wahine Maori & Whanaunga formed in opposition to the appropriation and abuse by Critical Social Justice ideologues of our wahine, our tamariki and of our culture, our language and our history.


The people who say there is evidence of 'gender' in pre-Peneraupatu Te Ao Māori are lying. No such evidence exists, anywhere. 

To our knowledge, we are the only native group in the world fighting against DEI and Wokeist ideologies. We advocate, lobby, protest, speak and educate wherever we can on the harms to women and children perpetuated by these cultists, especially where it affects our people.


The Wokeists around the world; they attach themselves to indigenous cultures and falsify and mangle our stories and our language to give them legitimacy in their own eyes. We will not permit this to continue. 

We will not apologise for our stand. Our Pou is firmly in the ground. We know that stopping our tamariki from going through puberty and telling them they can be born in the wrong body, and encouraging them to hurt their healthy tinana is wrong. We know that breaking down whanāu is wrong, and we know that these people are telling lies about our history for their agenda. We will never submit to this.  

We are the living definition of Wāhine. 
​Adult, Female, Human.

Established in 2021, we are a not-for-profit non-government organization relying on the generosity and kindness of our members and supporters to fund our mission. 


The MWK network is growing and we hope everyone can get involved and support us. Please consider volunteering, donating, buying a t-shirt or a coffee - or simply sharing our work on Substack, Twitter, or YouTube. 

If you are opposed to the same things as we are, we would love to hear from you. 

Noho Tūturu, Noho Tangata - Stay Real, Stay Human! 

MWK Gallery - Our Mahi in Pictures

“He wāhine, he whenua ka ora te tangata” - It is by women and by land, that the people are given life.


Can't thank you enough you are doing this mahi for all of us terfs. Pounamu to Kelly Jay? Brilliant.
Kia Kaha

Donate To Mana Wāhine Kōrero

Yes! I'd like to donate to Mana Wāhine Kōrero...

We rely on donations to fund our mahi & cover operating & administration. We are volunteers and we take no money for ourselves - we use every dollar donated to keep fighting. Your donation will be used responsibly, and very gratefully received.  


Thank you for your generosity and your support of our urgent mahi, 

Co-Founders, Dianne Landy & Michelle Uriarau. 

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Latest Videos:   Subscribe on Youtube @manawahinekorero9534

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