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Pānui (Notices) & Events Calendar

*** 7PM Live on YouTube, Mon 6th May, 'Thank a Terf Day', in honour of Magdalen Berns

The late, great Magdalen Berns' birthday is 6th May, and this year Di and Rex Landy will announce the amazing women recipients of MWK's 'Thank a Terf Day' awards in memory of her foresight and courage. 

Watch 7pm Live on MWK YouTube 6th May below

For those who haven't yet watched Magdalen speak, her YouTube channel is still live, at her wish. 

Below is one of the videos she did regarding a groomer man called Alok Vaid-Menon, who believes little girls are kinky & claims he was a little girl once and visits New Zealand from time to time. 

***Thursday 27th June, 'Grandparents Guarding Grandchildren' Event, Parliament Grounds, 11am - 2pm

***Parliament*** THURS 27th June

11am - 2pm

Karen, Co-Founder of Parents Against Gender Education, speaking at Voices for Children, 2023

If you are a parent or grandparent with concerns for our children and for our family rights, come along. 

2024 has seen a growing chorus of parents and grandparents demanding the removal of the Ministry of Education's 'Relationships and Sexuality Guidelines', as evidenced by the recent New Zealand First meeting at which MP Tanya Unkovich assured the crowd that NZF had received parents concerns and were "following the issue". 

This event is run by Mana Wahine Kōrero and Parents Against Gender Education, and like our Voices for Children event last year, it will be emcee'd by Phillippa Landy. 


Come and add your dissent to Government imposing ideology on our children! 

Saturday 18th May 12pm to 4pm

*** Summit on Ideology ***

Di grieving for my culture.jpg
Di grieving for my culture.jpg
Di Grandmother_edited_edited.jpg


This event will be amazing, with national and international speakers who have been at the coalface of fighting gender ideology and trying to protect our children for years. Among them is our own Di Landy, co-founder of Mana Wāhine Kōrero. It's time for all of us to come together and say no to our children being indoctrinated and harmed. Register now and come and hear good sense and truth! 

*** Women's Action Group Australia***
Saturday 25th May, Back at Melbourne Parliament

*** MWK & WAG Co-Founder Michelle Uriarau ***


2:30PM NZT (1230PM AUS)

Michelle Website_edited_edited.jpg

Michelle Uriarau, co-founder of MWK & Women's Action Group Australia.

Tune in e te whānau!

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